My Story

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Coming from a family of hard workers, I started working when I was 16 and put myself through college while gaining valuable front-line work experience in sales, customer service, and business administration.

After University, I worked as a Security Analyst for Experian, the world’s largest consumer reporting agency.  I spent four years leading projects designed to protect the privacy and security of an Internet accessible database containing over 200 million consumer credit reports, and led a $2 MM encryption project designed to enhance security and position the company better for their eventual spin-off on the London Stock Exchange.  Prior to Experian, I invested two years as an Information Security Consultant in the newly formed Security and Technology Services (STS) practice at Ernst & Young, LLP.  In this national security practice, I  provided global 1,000 IT executives with insights on emerging risks.  Along with risk management, I also assisted in teaching classes on ethical hacking and the development of formal strategies designed to improve operational performance across diverse industries.

As a security industry member I published several articles, authored a chapter in a book, and presented at security conferences.  These educational opportunities help inform the public about important issues while enhancing the visibility of Experian as a leader in information protection -- a key driver in the information business.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science from the Business Program at San Diego State University where I graduated Cum Laude.  While there, I received numerous accolades for my leadership and contribution to the Accountancy program.  As the honorary accounting society President, I led an effort to successfully endowed a perpetual scholarship.

My more recent growth opportunities include a Masters of Business Administration at the University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flager Business School.  While there I studied Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship with a focus on developing broader approaches to creating value. I also contributed as a analyst to the school's Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) where I learned about integrating social values with traditional business models.  Through these experiences I grew interested in the potential to leverage technology as a driver for healthy social change.

Along with traditional business interests, I've always had a focus on supporting people through volunteer work.  One of my recent projects involved working with the AIDS Care and Treatment Program in Ethiopia.  During my graduate summer internship, I invested 2 months in Ethiopia helping this HIV health focused NGO develop an education program for aspiring women micro-entrepreneurs who live on less than $1 a day.  Some of my other efforts have ranged from planting trees to supporting a Ghanaian-based non-profit start-up focused on helping young women get off the streets of Accra.  

Combining my community focus with traditional business principles led me to the emerging area of education technology, and the creation of a visual learning service for children living along the autism spectrum.  I created a business plan and prototype for a venture called AutismSphere and eventually  joined this with a VC backed start-up called Monarch Teaching Technologies.  This venture has reached over 2,500 classrooms today, and continues to grow.

With my experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and education I offer a unique combination of technical ability and business insight.  I will continue to leverage these skills and my passion for working in the social sector to help make a difference wherever I contribute.